Last week we talked about inflation’s effects on housing, why it’s worth collaborating with professionals for your homeownership goals, the components of the mortgage application process, and more, including:

Chapter 2 at 6:10
Client Story: Why We Recommend Realtors

Skip to Chapter 2 to hear about a recent caller’s experience buying a home – with no agent involved – in a “for sale by owner” situation. Tune in to hear Dwayne’s points on why you need professionals – realtors and lenders – to help you through your home buying journey.

Chapter 3 at 11:34
Listener Story: We Can Help Sell Your Home

Fast-forward to Chapter 3 to hear about a listener’s experience of selling his home. Tune in to get expert advice from Dwayne as to why you need someone who can indeed sell your home instead of one of those schmuckatelli lenders.

Chapter 4 at 13:29
Personal Income is Up, But Spending is Even Higher

Congratulations: you’ve been working hard, and your personal income gained half a percent in March. BUT! Dwayne is here to remind you that personal spending is now 1.1% — because of that income increase. But why? Inflation. Tune in as Dwayne assesses inflation and its effects on personal spending. 

Chapter 5 at  15:45
Credit Card Spending is up, but so is the Interest

While credit card debt is creeping up as consumers face rising statements across the board, credit card interest will also increase because of that inflation. Credit card spending rose to $52 billion in the fourth quarter alone, surpassing those pre-pandemic levels.

Tune in to Chapter 5 to learn more about inflation’s effect on credit card spending and interest.

Chapter 6 at 26:30
Effects of Inflation on Investments, Housing, and More

With these rates where they’re at, many prospective homeowners are taking advantage. But when it comes down to it, how much will everything cost?

Skip to Chapter 6 to hear Dwayne go into detail about the effects of inflation on investments, housing, and more. 

Chapter 7 at 36:33
Listener Email: Question, Where Will Home Prices Go Next?

Listen: home appreciation is not going anywhere anytime soon. Is it a terrible thing? No. But there is a security that being a homeowner brings to someone, especially in Louisiana. Tune in to Chapter 7 as Dwayne assesses home prices in the Gulf Coast versus other states.

Chapter 8 at 41:00
What is a Mortgage Application?

Mortgage Gumbo has been successful for a good reason; you don’t have to worry about the mortgage application process with them. Let Dwayne put you at ease as he explains the components of a mortgage application in Chapter 8.

And while you’re at it, visit to start your homeownership goals.