Last week we gave you the weekly rate watch, the most recent updates on rental rates and online mortgage rates, the “silver lining” for homeowners, and more, including:

Chapter 2 at 4:50

Dave and Jerry’s Sandwich Shop

Skip to Chapter 2 to hear Dwayne give a shout out to our sponsors, Dave and Jerry’s Sandwich Shop! Visit their old-time sandwich shop that’s all about the flavor and tell them Dwayne Stein with Mortgage Gumbo sent you!

Chapter 3 at 15:38

New Orleans Renters Pay the Highest Rates in the Nation

New Orleans renters pay the highest rent rates in the nation. Also, 61% of their income is spent on housing. But Dwayne says, “It’s only going to get harder.” Tune in to Chapter 3 to hear Dwayne crunch those numbers and put them into perspective for you to start your homeownership goals.

And while you’re at it, visit to get started on those goals.

Chapter 4 at 22:29

Client Story: Mortgage Gumbo Was Right – Online Rates Are Simply Not Accurate

Skip to Chapter 4 to hear about a recent client’s experience with a schmuckatelli lender who offered inaccurate mortgage rates – like 2.87% – online.

Dwayne gets it. Rates are high in general. But if a lower mortgage rate like 2.87% existed right now, he’d be the first to tell you the extra money will be hidden. This client would have paid an additional $40K to even get that rate. Is it really winning here?

Chapter 5 at 28:07

Good News: Silver Lining Ahead for Homebuyers! 

Good news: Dwayne says there’s some glimmer of hope coming. Sellers have been lowering their asking price over the past several weeks. Fast-forward to hear Dwayne share his thoughts on those lowering asking prices. 

Chapter 6 at 32:39

Rate Watch – Are They Priced into the Market?  

Sponsored Tito’s Hand-Crafted Vodka. 

Get your weekly Rate Watch update on the increasing rates of 30-year conventional, 15-year conventional, FHA, jumbo, and VA loans. They may be priced into the stock market but not the economic market, but why? Tune in to Chapter 6 as Dwayne breaks down the math in this increase! 

Chapter 7 at 34:34

Pain on the Way: Short Term Loans – AKA HELOCs

If you’ve got some type of HELOCs, credit cards, or other short-term loans, you may be in trouble. Tune into Chapter 7 to see why these short-term loans aren’t a good investment and think about refinancing and getting rid of those debts.