Last week, we answered multiple caller questions on everything from getting scammed and medical collections to the most recent rate updates and housing inventory.

Tune in to stay informed and hear about:

Chapter 2
Client Story: Avoid Getting Schmukatellied!

Skip to Chapter 2 to hear about a recently separated caller’s experience with a realtor and lender who arranged for an FHA loan without understanding the LA state laws regarding marriage/divorce. Tune in to hear why this was doomed to fail from the start.

Chapter 3
Caller Question: “I’ve sold my home. Now, how do I manage the funds?”

Tune in to get expert advice from Dwayne on how to manage the funds and taxes from a recent home sale.

Chapter 4
Back to the Future: 2011 vs. 2022.

Welcome back to 2011 – the last time when mortgage interest rates averaged over 5% for an entire week. The average income is 40% less than it is today. The price of a used car is 177% less than they are today. But gas is only $0.40 more. Housing is 37% less than it will be in 2022.

Tune in to hear Dwayne’s comparison of the two years as he puts the relative numbers into perspective.

Chapter 5
Client Story: Don’t Miss Out While Holding Out for a Lower Rate!

Do you think you’re going to get a lower interest rate if you just wait for another 3 years? You could be missing out on the value of the property you’re interested in! You could be building equity for the next 3 years.

Tune in as Dwayne and Gregory Hicks “Winning at Life” assess the current rates situation and advise on the best move if you’re considering buying a home.

Chapter 6
HomeShineMD: We Make House Calls!

Go outside, look at your roof, look at the outside of your house. Could she use some attention? Realtors, let us come out and freshen up the outside of the home before taking pictures!

There’s nothing more important than the roof over your family’s head. Visit to learn more and get started.

Chapter 7
Client Story: All Interest Rates are NOT the Same!

Skip to Chapter 7 – We quoted someone a 5.25% rate this week for a retirement/investment property but got a lower (4.5%) reate from a schmuckatelli lender. Find out what Dwayne learned when he took a closer look at the details – not all lower rates are what they appear!

Chapter 8
RATE WATCH: 4/16/22.

Get your weekly Rate Watch update on 30 year conventional, 15 year conventional, jumbo, and VA loans when you skip to chapter 8.

Chapter 9 If You’re Serious, We Won’t Forget You!

Are you thinking, “I can’t afford a home, my credit isn’t great.”? Dwayne says, “Who Cares!” If you’re serious about homeownership, visit We can run a soft pull on your credit and give you advice on how to realize your dream of Homeownership in your current situation.

Chapter 10
Medical Collections Data: Could Relief be on the Way?

Do you have medical debt? Whatever the reason, there are plans available to improve your situation. Tune in to learn about new relief options going into effect July 1st of this year and how it will impact your credit.

Chapter 11
Data: Lumber Prices Falling!

Do you have some DIY home projects on your list? Good news! Lumber prices have fallen by 6% in the last week. Tune in to learn more about how this will specifically impact those currently or looking to start building.

Chapter 12
Housing Inventory Data: Moving in the Right Direction!

Housing inventory watch: As of December of 2022 the year of year trend was down 30%. But every single week it has reduced and we’re now at 17%! Tune in to learn why it’s so important to get pre-approved and have a team of quality experts on your side.