Last week, we covered an often overlooked mortgage hack to shave YEARS off your mortgage payments and save thousands of dollars in interest: Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments!

Tune in to get your weekly rate watch, the most recent updates on foreclosures, construction questions answered when we take a call from a live guest, and more including:

Chapter 2
Galvanized Fencing from Fence King

Tune in to Chapter 2 or visit to get that ornamental, New Orleans style look without the maintenance? How about a weatherproof fence that can withstand 73 mph winds? Ask Fence King about their new Galvanized Fencing option today!

Chapter 3
Foreclosure Update: Will we see an Inventory Boost?

Repos were up 57% in the month of January. It was also the 7th consecutive month that the number of completed foreclosures has grown. Will we see a boost in inventory soon? Tune in to Chapter 3 to find out!

Chapter 4
Want a Great Return on Investment? Purchase a Home!

Home prices haven’t stopped appreciating. The average US single family home has appreciated 10% in just 4 of the last 30 years. In the latest quarter, appreciation is up 13.32%. Tune in to Chapter 4 to learn more about the ample investment opportunities in the real estate industry today

Chapter 5
Listener Question: I Own Land. Can You Advise Me On New Construction?

Tune in to Chapter 5 to hear a long-time listener’s question about a new construction project and Dwayne’s tips and tricks on how to identify a solid builder, how to determine a realistic budget, what a realistic timeline should look like, and more!

Chapter 6
Bring Back Your Home’s Shine with HomeShineMD

Learn how to bring back your home’s shine, add value to your property, and protect it with the facelift she deserves in Chapter 6!

Chapter 7
Rate Watch – Inflation is Real: From Tito’s Hand-Crafted Vodka

Get updates on last week’s mortgage rate increases. Inflation is real and we’re now at defcon 3. It’s supply and demand folks. Less money is being put into the pool to be lent out which equals higher rates. Tune in to Chapter 7 as Dwayne shares his thoughts on the direction we’re headed.

Chapter 8
How Snap, Send & Save Can Help in a Rising Rates Environment

You can win in this rising rates environment! Tune in to Chapter 8 learn how to get a FREE, no cost, no pressure, no obligation evaluation of what you can afford. Visit!

Chapter 9
Why You Need to Take Advantage of a Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment System

Fast forward to Chapter 9 to learn more about an often overlooked mortgage hack that can shave YEARS off your mortgage payments and help you save thousands of dollars in interest: Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments!