Rates are still up so we’re still talking about what to do in a rising mortgage rate environment.

Also, we were blessed to host a special guest, Senior VP of HECM Lending, Susan Pomfret who gives the inside scoop on how Seniors can use a Reverse Mortgage as a valuable tool in their retirement utility belt joins the show!

Tune in to get all of the details from last week’s show segments, including:

Chapter 2
Subscribe to MortgageGumboTV on YouTube

Tune in at 0:04 to learn why and how to subscribe to MortgageGumboTV on YouTube!

Chapter 3
Snap, Send and Save Cash Out Refinance Success Stories

Tune in at 08:16 to hear the success stories of people who have used Snap, Send and Save to their ultimate advantage.

Chapter 4
April 2, 2022 Rate Watch

Tune in at 11:56 to get the most recent updates on where mortgage rates are currently, where they’re going, how that affects your journey on the path to home ownership and what to do.

Chapter 5
Why a Reverse Mortgage May be a Good Thing in this Rising Rates Environment

Tune in at 22:00 to learn about the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage in our current environment, straight from the Senior VP of HECM Lending, Susan Pomfret’s mouth.

Chapter 6
How a Reverse Mortgage ALWAYS Allows you to Maintain Control of Your Funds 

Especially in a rising rates environment, wouldn’t it be nice if your home paid you instead of worrying about the monthly payment?

Tune in at 22:56 to hear how a more flexible HECM program can give you more options during an inflated economy.

Chapter 7
Can I Leave Something for my Heirs With a Reverse Mortgage? 

Are you a senior that has questions like, “What can I leave to my heirs if I utilize a Reverse Mortgage? How exactly can I leave it to my heirs when utilizing a Reverse Mortgage?”

Tune in at 26:47 to get the facts from Senior VP of HECM Lending, Susan Pomfret.

Chapter 8
Senior Homeowners 65+: Did You Know You Have More Than 10 Trillion in Home Equity?

The home is about 70% of most seniors’ assets. With more equity than any other generation, it’s time to learn how to tap into those assets, take back what is yours, and live your golden years the way you imagined.

Tune in at 27:35 to learn more about those numbers and how to tap into your home equity.

Chapter 9
Listener Question: How do I Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage?

If you think a Reverse Mortgage might be the right choice for you but don’t know how to qualify or where to even start, tune in at 34:51 to hear how Dwayne and Senior VP of HECM Lending, Susan Pomfret, answer a live caller’s question on the same.

Chapter 10
FREE: Find Out if it’s a Right Fit (for you or a Family Member)

11k Americans are turning 65 every day. With 315k eligible HECM borrowers stressing out about an unstable retirement and burning through their money, it’s time to learn how a Reverse Mortgage could help.

Tune in at 41:40 to learn why it’s worth a FREE conversation to determine whether it’s the right choice for you, or not.

Chapter 11
HECM vs a Reverse Mortgage: What’s the Difference?

Have you always thought HECMs and Reverse Mortgages were the same? Or maybe you aren’t exactly sure how either of them are valuable.

Tune in at 46:53 to learn the varied differences between the two so you can use them to the best of your ability!

Chapter 12: Did the Pandemic Delay Your Retirement? Introducing the Reverse Mortgage!

Learn how you can spring past those pandemic induced delays in your retirement play by utilizing one of the most valuable financial tools available to Seniors.

Tune in at 52:22 and allow Dwayne and Senior VP of HECM Lending, Susan Pomfret, to introduce you to a Reverse Mortgage!