Get the facts about what to do in a rising mortgage rate environment, learn more about the value of Snap, Send & Save, and find out how to win in today’s market.

This week’s show segments include:

Chapter 2 at 0:05 Single Family Rents are WAY up!

Rents are higher than they have been in the last 16 years. What does that mean for renters? Listen in as Dwayne explains.

Chapter 3 at 02:24 Value of Snap, Send, & Save

No hard credit pull, no consultation fee, no pressure. Listen in as Dwayne explains the perks of using and getting your questions answered through

Chapter 4 at 03:10 Why move out if it costs more to move up?

With rental costs on the rise, how are you able to move out of your rental and into your forever home?

Chapter 5 at 04:50 What Recently Qualified For May Have Changed. We’ve Got You Covered!

Inventory, mortgage rates, and so much more is changing at lightning speed every single day. If you have already been pre-qualified, things have absolutely changed. Learn more about how Dwayne can help you find the right house, with the right loan – without having to eat Ramen noodles for the next 30 years.

Chapter 6 at 06:52 Tommy’s Story – What Happens When You Get a “Teaser Rate”

Have you worked with a shady lender/real estate agent that wants to get you into a new home (no matter the cost or rate), fast? That’s when you need someone on your side, who is ready and willing to fight for you. Tommy recently experienced a “teaser rate” + fine print bait and switch, first hand. Listen in to learn how Dwayne helped him!

Chapter 7 at 09:05 Rate Watch by Tito’s hand-crafted vodka

The Fed has no clue how to get a grip and rates haven’t been great for another week in a row. First time listeners, here’s your mantra: Rates up. So what? Listen in as Dwayne quells your fears, makes predictions, and advises how to survive and thrive during this time period.

Chapter 8 at 11:09 Why More Than Ever You Need A Mortgage Advisor

Only 1 month ago, the conventional loan rate went up by 1%. In just one week they’ve increased almost as much. So what are we going to do? Connect with a Mortgage Advisor who will go to bat for you. Listen in as Dwayne goes over recent rate changes and how he can help you beat the system.

Chapter 9 at 16:22 How To Win In Today’s Market

Don’t take your ball and go home, Dwayne is here to help! While there was a tried and true way of doing things, times they are a changin’. Getting pre-approved is no longer an option. Listen in as Dwayne discusses 4 new rules  to consider before getting started on their home buying journey.