Listen to our show from Saturday, March 19th when Dwayne gives you all the facts about what you should do in a rising rate environment when it comes to home loans.

This week’s show segments include:

Chapter 2: Rates are going up. Get the facts.

5:37-8:35 if you’ve been hearing that home loan rates are going up, that’s correct! Listen as Dwayne gives you the facts.

Chapter 3: A scary story you need to hear.

8:36-15:40 I call them “Shcmukatellys”… you might call them shady. They’re real estate people who want to steer you wrong, and I just ran into one of them. You don’t want to miss this story.

Chapter 4: Rate Watch

24:23-28:05 If you’re wondering what rates are going to do, don’t miss this segment.

Chapter 5: My Thoughts on Adjustable Rate Mortgages

28:26-31:05 Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) seem like a good idea. After all, who doesn’t like a low rate? But they come with a warning. I’ll illustrate with a story.

Chapter 6: Introducing: HomeShine MD

36:36-38.01 Give your home the facelift it deserves. If it’s been so long since your house looked like you know it should, visit and request a free estimate.

Chapter 7: Rates Are Up, So What?

38:05-40:50 So rates are up… it doesn’t matter. We’re not getting rid of homeownership. You can still get a home. You just have to be extra smart. Listen in as Dwayne explains.

Chapter 8: Where Are Rates Headed?

41:00-46:07 Listen in as Dwayne looks into his crystal ball to tell you what’s ahead and what might be more important than interest rates.

Chapter 9: How To Win in Rising Rate Environment

50:48-59:49 Interest rates are all relative. Listen in as Dwayne gives you some perspective that will help you win in a rising rate environment.