Listen to our show from Saturday, March 12th when Dwayne has special guest Collette “The Queen of Insurance” Biedenkopf, a member of the Total Home Authority, live in the studio to talk about all things insurance.

This week’s show segments include:

Chapter 2: Why are my insurance premiums rising?

00:36 Are you dealing with rising insurance premiums? If you haven’t yet, you will be soon. What can you do about it? Dwayne asks. The Queen explains!

Chapter 3: My insurance carrier is gone. Now what?

07:44 Many people are finding themselves looking for a new insurance company either due to being dropped or their carrier simply abandoned the area. Find out what you can do.

Chapter 4: What can you do about rising premiums?

12:15 If you find yourself dealing with rising premiums, listen as Dwayne asks the Queen what you can do to combat this.

Chapter 5: Tips for reviewing your homeowners insurance.

18:30 Don’t sit around and wait for your insurance agent to contact you for an annual review. Take matters into your own hands. Here’s how…

Chapter 6: Options for reducing insurance premiums

21:49 Is it really possible for you to reduce your insurance premiums in this market? The Queen explains as she and Dwayne discuss options you should consider for reducing your premiums even if you think it’s not possible.