Listen to the show from Saturday, March 5th 2022 as Dwayne goes into detail about the difference between being pre-qualified & pre-approved.

They are NOT the same thing.

It’s springtime and many people are thinking about getting out and buying a home. And in this market where every home is getting multiple offers, you have to make your best offer by being pre-approved.

This week’s show segments include:

Chapter 2 at 12:45: Jeff Caruso with LA Crawfish Festival.

Jeff Causo joins us with details of a cool upcoming event.

Chapter 3 at 22:20: What’s your City’s Home Appreciation?

Have you missed the boat? Is it too late to buy?

Dwayne gives you the numbers on home appreciation. In other words, how much are home values going up in your city? Listen to find out.

Chapter 4 at 27:36: The state of the market in Louisiana & Mississippi.

Chapter 5 at 28:51: Introduction to one of our favorite tools: “Bid Over Ask”. 

This is your crystal ball when it comes to making decisions about real estate!

Chapter 6 at 29:50: The differences between Pre-Qualified vs Pre-approved… 

Don’t get ’em twisted. You’ll regret it.