“What Does The GumboNation Have To Say?”

My experience with Mortgage Gumbo & CrossCountry Mortgage was the best refinance or purchase I have ever completed. I have owned several homes and performed multiple refinances over the past 30 years. The entire team was very responsive, communicated constantly, and was quick to answer questions. The closing took 15 minutes; all the documentation was easy to understand with no surprises. Working directly with Mr. Stein, I obtained a great rate and reduced my 30-year mortgage to 15 years, saving hundreds of dollars a month. Closing costs were in line with other loan providers. Cross Country Mortgage also allowed me to exclude escrow for insurance and taxes, which was my intention. One last note, they did not sell my mortgage after closing as most mortgage companies do. I am so impressed with Mr. Stein’s team; I am working on another refinance of a second home and look forward to the same outcome.

Sam F.

Dwayne Stein and his team are the epitome of 5 Star service and results.  His timely and effective process allows for seemingly flawless transactions.  This is so important for the clients we serve as the process, at times, can be a bit stressful.  You know, I trust him with my clients.  He explains the different programs available so that they can make educated decisions on which loan is best for their needs.  Every sale I’ve had with Dwayne and his team has closed on time, some even early.  I highly recommend Dwayne to anyone looking for an honest and straightforward loan officer.  He tells it like it is.

Chris M., Keller Williams Realty Services

Dwayne,  and all of you at Cross Country I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  What you did for us will last a lifetime, a lifetime of kids coming home, their home not some quasi home as it was before, it is all ours!

I wanted to get on the air with you today Dwayne to let people know you are real and not just entertainment, even though you put on a great show, you really reach out and answer people like me that threw a Hail Mary, but I did not need to because you and your team were there to make it happen.

I see that “New Day USA commercial.”  They use a very attractive former Marine as the spokesperson and then an Admiral, but in the end, it is Bull Shine.  They act to be concerned for Veterans, they are not, and such a nice person.

Your team is the real deal and I’d never go anywhere else and I will always refer someone to snap, send, and save, Dat Com

Dwayne B.

When I started the home-buying process I know absolutely nothing other than I wanted to buy a house. My mom was an avid listener of Dwayne’s radio show and suggested that I reach out to him to ease my brain of the overwhelming amount of information that the internet had thrown at me when I started looking into first time home buying programs and tips. By the end of it all, he did much more for me than that. He was available day and night to answer any question or address any concern that I had throughout the journey. He guided me through the entire process explaining each and every option, always having MY financial best interest as his top priority. It took MONTHS and several home inspections before I found the right house for me and here, a year later, I’m still so happy with my purchase! I truly cannot recommend him and his team enough and have done exactly that for each of my friends that are beginning their own home-buying journey.


For starters, being a 3rd time homeowner, I have never really felt like the people working for me genuinely had my best interest at heart. Being a single mom and very cautious of making a huge financial decision came with a lot of worry, hesitation and self doubt. I had numerous conversations with Dwayne personally through the whole process that put me at each every time I hung up the phone. He is so awesome at what he does, transparent and knows the industry more than anyone I have been in contact with.

My home purchase was done without using an agent, which did cause some concern. Dwayne and his team, however, walked me through every step in the process to make sure I was up to speed on what I needed to complete, ask for, made sure I had, etc. He held my hand the whole time and reassured me that I was doing everything right. His Total Home Authority gave me peace of mind with inspections, insurance and closing company.

Dwayne and his team fought for me to obtain the best interest rate possible in this crazy market we live in today. When I went to my closing, I was even asked if my lender was a personal friend because she had not seen an interest rate like mine in a very long time. That right there made me feel like I was in the best possible hands and no doubt made the right choice to work with this team.

To end, if you are looking to buy a home or refinance, I highly recommend that you reach out to Dwayne Stein and his team at Mortgage Gumbo. Having someone who is really behind you is the feeling you will take away from your experience.

Alicia R.

I have been through a mortgage refinance twice with Dwyane and his team. First in 2016, then again in 2021. I have very rarely, in any industry, dealt with a team that is so at the top of their game AND so consistent. My experiences with Dwyane and his entire team 5 years apart could not have been better, These guys are the best! They keep you connected and aware of where you are in the process. They provide options for getting them the information needed, they are patient while keeping you moving forward towards your goal, and they are so knowledgeable and don’t miss a detail. They work so hard to provide you with a WOW experience. We could not be more satisfied and will never recommend our family and friends to anyone else. Thank you, Dwayne and your awesome team!


I wanted to sit down and write a quick thank you to all that took the time to grind through this unconventional refinance. I know a lot of places would have backed away from us and just took on an easy loan with all the road blocks that kept popping up along the way, but fortunately for us, you guys were there every step of the way helping us clear each hurdle. I honestly still cannot believe it is complete.
A big thank you to each and every one of you.

Jeffrey and Kathy J.

Dwayne and his team were a pleasure to work with. I used them when purchasing my first house and they were there every step of the way to answer any question I had immediately. They made the process so easy and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Everyone on your team was a pleasure to work with and made the process very easy for me. I’ve already started my renovations

I am looking forward to working with your team again in the future.

Kristi C.

I am extremely satisfied with the service received from you and your team.  I am truly grateful that you made the refi process smooth, seamless and swift and will highly recommend your firm to anyone I know that are looking to refinance or purchase.

Thanks so much for all you have done!


From start to finish, Dwayne Stein and his team at Cross Country Mortgage really came through for our family. Being over 1800 miles away we were not familiar with the area and were not able to conduct any business in person. This did not matter as Dwayne, Sam and the rest of the team worked around the clock to ensure that we were taken care, to include taking our calls on Saturday and Sunday. The “Total Home Authority” service that they provide is ideal for anyone needing “one stop shopping” for their home purchase. Dwayne was able to assist with home inspection as well as setting us up with an Insurance Company that provided the best quote around. I would highly recommend Cross Country Mortgage to anyone needing top notch customer service.

Sean W.