Last week, we talked about some reasons to celebrate during these uncertain times and why you should start looking for that dream home, especially during a recession.

Chapter 2 at 14:18

Gulf Coast: Let’s Celebrate Our Resilience!

While Dwayne has many callers asking about inflation and wondering whether we’re going to enter a recession, we should celebrate that the Gulf Coast is coming off our best April in a long time in the last two years. Tune in to Chapter 2 and hear more about why we should be celebrating in the Gulf Coast instead of worrying about the tough times.

Chapter 3 at 18:46

Client Story – We Got This! I Will Guide You.

Another thing to be happy about? Mortgage Gumbo’s got you! Tune in to Chapter 3 as Dwayne talks about multiple client stories about how we guided them through their homeownership goals!

Chapter 4 at 20:07

The Most Expensive Suburbs in Your State…

Skip to Chapter 4 to hear Dwayne talk about the most expensive suburbs in several states.

Chapter 5 at 28:26

Winning? Home Sellers Are Dropping Prices!

While home values are still up, about 15% of home sellers have started to drop their asking prices. Tune into Chapter 5 to learn more about why prospective homeowners are winning in their goals right now.

Chapter 6 at 31:57

What’s Keeping You on the Sidelines? 

What is keeping people on the sidelines from buying a home? Listen to Chapter 2 to hear why people are waiting – or not even starting their homeownership goals.

In fact, visit and stop missing out on opportunities!

Chapter 7 at 42:12

Listener Question – Are We Headed for Another Housing Crash? 

While it’s true that we’re going into a recession, the question lies: are we headed for another housing crash? Fast-forward to Chapter 7 to hear Dwayne answer a listener’s question about whether we’re headed for another housing crash and why you shouldn’t miss out on that house you want.