Get the facts on the latest data on existing home sales, your weekly rate watch, how to navigate forbearance and inflation, and a way for you to calculate your credit card interest!

Last’s week segments include:

Chapter 2 at 9:02

Client Story: I am a LENDER!

Skip to Chapter 2 to hear Dwayne remind you that not only does he give sound advice, but he is also a lender himself. Tune in to hear about a recent caller’s experience with a lending company that he felt was overcharging him and why he did not come to Dwayne sooner to purchase his new home.

Chapter 3 at 12:18

Listener Call In: Forbearance

Tune into Chapter 3 to hear Dwayne give expert advice to a listener on how to navigate forbearance, the importance of maintaining control of the situation, and how he can help the listener.

Chapter 4 at 21:47

Eavesdropping Bar Chatter: Housing Crash

Will there be another housing crash? Tune into Chapter 4 to hear about Dwayne’s experience hearing bar chatter from a group of folks wondering this question, and why folks are in a much better predicament than before, especially since 2008-2009.

Chapter 5 at 34:12

Subscribe to MortgageGumboTV

Skip to Chapter 5 to hear why you’d want to be a member of the Gumbo Nation and subscribe to MortgageGumboTV.

Chapter 6 at 34:48

Existing Home Sales Latest Data

Tune into Chapter 6 to hear about the latest data for existing home sales and why things are becoming a bigger deal now than ever. 

Chapter 7 at 37:52

Rate Watch by Tito’s Hand-Crafted Vodka

Fast-forward to Chapter 7 to get your weekly Rate Watch update on the decreasing rates of 30-year conventional, 15-year conventional, FHA, jumbo, and VA loans.  

Chapter 8 at 41:35

Fed Chair Powell Speaks – Time to Check Ya Self! 

Now that Fed Chair Powell has given more updates about the economy, many people are wondering if everything’s going to pivot. It’s time for us to check ourselves and see that this is further from the case. Tune into Chapter 8 to hear Dwayne’s thoughts on why we’re not even close to where we want to be and why people need to get through this situation.

Chapter 9 at 52:14

How to Calculate Credit Card Interest

If you’ve got some credit cards and credit card debt, tune into Chapter 9 and get your calculators ready to learn how to calculate credit card interest.