What is your $100 worth?

I’m sure you have heard this before, “When I was growing up a dollar could get
you….” or “A dollar isn’t what it used to be…”. In some states, your money will go
farther compared to other states. Pat Cortland wrote this interesting article; How
Much is $100 Really Worth in Each State. Well, let’s take a look!

Good news Gumbonation: your money will go farther because here in the South
$100 is actually worth more than $100. Mississippi comes out on top at $116,
followed by Arkansas and Alabama at $115, and Louisiana at $110. So, your $100 is
pretty much worth $110, and that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me!

It’s important to know how your money works for you. Think about exactly why
people retire to the South. Is it the year-round warm temperatures or possibly
because they get more bang for their buck? While I’m sure both are contributing
factors, you can’t deny the draw of your money going farther. Take Florida for
example. In Florida, $100 is worth just that, $100. So why wouldn’t you retire where
your money is worth face value and you still get plenty of sunshine as an
added bonus?

When you’re looking at relative value, the South shines! For more information or
any questions you may have on how to make your money work for you, please
contact me, Dwayne Stein, at (504) 207-7600 or at
[email protected]