What’s Up Gumbonation!! Did you know that spring buying season is already here? So sellers, listen up because this is for you! Know your market and know how to prepare your home to get it sold for the right price, in the right time.

What are the things that people are looking for?

Under $250,000: Buyers want new, updated rooms and for the home to be move in ready. The reason for this is, buyers may be limited on expenses and don’t have a budget for a fixer upper.

$250,000-$500,000: These buyers want natural light and a formal dining room. On top of that, buyers are also looking for extra amenities in the kitchen and bath. Some of these items may include updated fixtures and a full sink in the kitchen.

$500,000-1 million:  The home must be in the perfect location, which of course, you as a seller can’t do anything to prepare for that. That’s why you have to make sure you have a gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings and of course, natural light.

1 million-5 million: Don’t have a wet bar? You better install one! In this range, buyers are also looking for French doors and natural light.

5 million+: At this range a chef’s kitchen and a pool are key. On top of that, buyers are looking for spacious rooms and breathtaking views. The privacy of a cul-de-sac is also essential.

The cherry on top of course….. you need a quality realtor! Contact me, Dwayne Stein at (504) 207-7600 or at info@mortgagegumbo.com and I can set you up with the perfect realtor to get your home on and off the market for the right price in the right time!