It’s week three of “Get Your Credit in Check Month” so in that spirit we have decided to offer you some credit tidbits to keep you in the know.

It is important to monitor your score with a monitoring service. For example: Credit Karma. Your credit score is an important part of your financial well-being. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s better to know your credit score than to have no idea where your credit stands. If your score is bad, you can take steps to improve it. Or, if your credit score is good, you can focus on maintaining it.

Just because you are married doesn’t mean your scores will be the same.
Getting married does not change your credit profile or your spouse’s credit profile, but both partner’s credit health can impact future efforts to borrow money or share credit card accounts as a couple.

Higher income does not mean a higher score.
Income isn’t considered in credit scoring systems. Therefore, the size of your paycheck does not influence whether you have a good or bad credit score.

We have plenty more credit tidbits to help you stay informed. As always, if you are interested in more information, we are here at Mortgage Gumbo to help. You can always contact me, Dwayne Stein at 504-207-7600 or at [email protected].