Property taxes are being assessed next year, so don’t wait – be proactive and protect yourself from a potential increase that could cost you. New Orleans recently got hit and many property owners were taken by surprise. Don’t let this happen to you.

At Mortgage Gumbo, we will continue to help get you prepared for a potential increase in your property assessment. And this week, we are addressing those on Social Security disability.

Tip #3
The Social Security Freeze

This is a tax break that freezes assessments on homes for those 100% disabled through Social Security. To qualify, applicants must be considered 100% disabled through the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Freeze freezes the principal value of their residence but does not prevent tax rates from going up or new taxes being applied to that residence. And unlike the 65 Freeze that only needs to be applied for once, applicants must apply for the Social Security Freeze each year.

As always, we are here at Mortgage Gumbo to help and we are your Total Home Authority.  If you or someone you know is on Social Security disability and have questions about the Social Security Freeze or other ways you can better prepare for the new property tax assessments, contact me, Dwayne Stein at 504-207-7600 or at