Have you ever thought about building your Dream Home? Well, the time has never been better. The days of needing 20% down are over and you are able to take advantage of a one-time close. A one-time close means you can combine the construction loan and permanent loan into one loan. All of the credit review and asset review are done before a shovel even hits the ground. Everything is complete, reviewed and closed on once. When the house is complete, there is no second close, meaning no additional closing costs.

On last Saturday’s show, we had Keith Stracensky, Vice President of Construction Lending at CrossCountry Mortgage. Keith is the guru when it comes to construction lending. On the show, we discussed CrossCountry Mortgage’s One Time Construction Close. You can click on the link below to listen to our entire Podcast for more valuable information.

If you are a builder or an agent, you will want to take note and give us a buzz. We are currently taking people and referring them to agents and to builders to build their dream homes.

I would not offer a product that didn’t help the consumer if I did not wholeheartedly believe in. The One Time Construction Close from CrossCountry Mortgage is definitely one of those products. As always, we are here at Mortgage Gumbo to help and you can contact me, Dwayne Stein, anytime at 985-612-1900 or at info@mortgagegumbo.com.